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Your 10 most successful strategies to eliminating betting urges

  • September 27, 2021
  • By Admin: moluche
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Activities To Replace Gambling In Recovery From Problem Gambling

Because this is the only thing on your mind, other aspects of your life — personally and professionally — will fall by the wayside. Rather than spending your money on beneficial or necessary things, you instead spend your paychecks and savings on gambling. Relationships can fracture, especially if you lie about your behavior or rely on someone else to fund your addiction. There may even be criminal consequences if you steal money to fund your gambling habits.

It will also remind you of the fact that gambling sites and casinos are there to make a profit, and not the other way around. Oftentimes, people who are struggling with how to stop gambling online get so caught up in the little wins that they forget about their many losses. The best way to deal with win bias is to write down all of your wins and losses. A professional gambler is also patient and more importantly, gambles as a means to make money.

To help with this, help the person learn how to keep busy. You can spend time with the person and do things, like go to movies, have dinner, or exercise together. Encourage the person to make a schedule and fill their time so they won’t be tempted to gamble. Having cash or extra money in the bank account can trigger gambling. Needing money for bills or other debt may also trigger gambling. For example, you may want to talk about the depletion of savings and the legal problems if you gamble money you don’t have.

Stay away from casinos, race tracks, poker games, or anything else that might remind or tempt you. Have you repeatedly tried to get back money you’ve lost gambling by betting more? Problem gamblers may see more betting as the solution to financial loses rather than what it is – throwing good money after bad. I’ve become addicted to gambling through electronic gambling machines . I believe firmly that I had to get rid of this bad habit, but I am just always prone to relapse. I don’t want to live this for the rest of my life so I am looking for other activities that may be similar in nature, but are not as destructive.

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I have included here a short article that I wrote about problem gambling and recovery. It’s what I did today when I was extremely stressed out and depressed about the election. There is always a churning uncertainty, but there are so many little and small and big wins, and there are so many causes that you can devote yourself to. The fun part is that I can always step away, take a break, then dive back into something else.

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